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On Board for Burton

<m has ushered in many changes: a gigantic C, a skyscraper stuck onto the Weitz, the LDC’s shiny new roof. In all these exciting additions, Burton’s humble update is easy to miss. In fact, you may not even notice it when you walk through the door hungry, frazzled, and ready for a nice relaxing meal. Updates were made, but were they actually useful? Do these updates actually improve the efficacy and comfort of the dining hall?

Walking in through the Burton-side doors, it is impossible to even see if any changes have been made. I’ve talked to several students who were not aware of any updates. When you walk into the main area, the first renovation hits you in the face almost literally if you’re not watching where you’re going. Where there once was space now sits a gigantic glass box of . . . fruit?

Ah yes, the Burton Renovators knew exactly what I wanted. A more complicated and inconvenient way of getting food to my mouth. How did they ever guess? My original routine of being able to easily nab an apple with one hand was really too boring. Having to juggle a plate and glass while opening an uncooperative sliding door, and also somehow putting fruit on my plate was the challenge I needed. Also, the line that develops around the fruit container just adds to the human congestion we all look for in our dining halls.

The Renovators also turned their eyes to the pizza. It is this writer’s opinion that Burton’s pizza was already superior to the LDC’s (however, I realize this point is up for debate) and I wasn’t aware the pizza needed a revamp. I acknowledge that there are many things going on behind the scenes at Burton that I do not know about that perhaps called for this, but on a surface level it is hard to fathom why.

Necessity aside, the dazzling red hardware dangling from the ceiling is exactly what I was looking for. When I think of my list of things I want in Burton (Tall tables that don’t wobble! Un-dry chicken! Reliable waffle makers!) That was definitely at the top. Not only does it make Burton feel a little fancier, like I’m not in a college cafeteria, but I also think it makes the pizza taste better. The cheese is so melty it makes my little Wisconsin soul tremble.

Overall, the two biggest renovations that I can see are those two. Are there more? Who’s to say. We may all discover more renovations as the term progresses. Maybe they’ll start putting all the desserts in glass boxes too. But I really think the only thing Burton needs now is a gigantic B on the floor to really tie the place together.

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