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Group projects you actually want to be a part of

<ir="ltr">We’ve all been there: the dreaded group project that comes out of nowhere at the end of the term and consumes your waking hours. Why are group projects so full of suffering? Maybe they just aren’t exciting enough. Here are some group projects that would actually be fun.


History: Rewrite your old high school history textbooks so that they are actually inclusive and diverse. (Remember how the whole chapter was about the men and then there was a tiny paragraph about what women were doing the whole time? Yeah? Yeah.)

Math: Devise your own number system that only your group knows. Use it in front of the other project groups to seem exclusive and cool.

Political science: Form a new political party. Elect party leaders. Develop a constituent base. Then elect a presidential candidate, because we are all sick of the nonsense of the 2016 election and I just want some more options. Gain points for voter turnout; lose points for corruption.

Physics: Well, that gravitational wave thing was pretty cool.

English: Get some people together and write the sequel to the Harry Potter series. I bet you miss that time in your life.

Computer science: Program a new kind of printer that is actually easy and intuitive to use and never chews up paper and doesn’t sound like a dying motorcycle. You will thank yourself for this project for the rest of your life.

CAMS: Two words: Star Wars.

Any of these would make doing a group project way more fun. If you’re looking for a way to make finals less awful, just make your group project a little more exciting and you’re good to go!

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