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How to avoid a disappointing Spring Concert

<ir="ltr">Ah, Spring Concert, when “Spring term no rules” reaches its peak. While it’s easy to go into Spring Concert with lots of expectation, often you leave Spring Concert feeling a little silly for thinking it would be as magical and crazy as a real music festival. So, for “Spring term no rules” to really be achieved, there’s some planning that must be done to make Spring Concert one of your most memorable days at Carleton.

1. Make a plan with friends as to how you’re going to start your day, or else you’ll just end up waking up at noon and showing up to Spring Concert like a freshman at a house party.

2. For those of you who are 21, a fun way to start the day is to go into town for brunch and some drinks. Even better, make your own food and drinks and have a brunch picnic on the Baldspot. Another fun thing to do is go tubing down the Canon River (something I would highly suggest doing before brunch).

3. Something that’s often overlooked is the importance of bringing a blanket. It gives you a place to meet up with your friends, and is a great place to take a nap.

4. I know I’m going to sound like a mom, but bring sunscreen and sunglasses! Waking up from your mid-Spring Concert nap with a sunburn isn’t fun.

5. Bring lots of food. The food trucks are great but expensive, so be that person who brings an embarrassing amount of food in grocery bags. Trust me, your 5pm hangry self will thank you for it.

6. Listen to the headlining artist before the concert. When everyone else is loudly singing along, making eye contact with someone who can totally tell you’re just mouthing random words is the definition of Carleton awkward.

7. Get in the spirit! Wear some of those clothes you bought for the spring break you never went on. Wear the neon tights. Wander into the Arb, pick some flowers, and make them into a flower crown. However, this doesn’t mean it’s ok to wear a headdress (cultural appropriation isn’t cool).

8. Know your limits. Spring Concert is best when you know when you’ve had just the right amount of “fun” for the night. You want it to be a memory you can look back on.

9. Still, doing something new is fun. Maybe break free from the crowd, climb a tree, and watch the sunset (or sunrise). Decide to play a game of tag when the concert is at a slow point. Maybe even bring a board game to play with some friends. What makes Spring Concert great is the memories you can make there with your friends, so know that you don’t have to have the stereotypical crazy experience to have a good time.

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