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Don’t know the answers? Me neither. Good luck.

<ir="ltr" id="docs-internal-guid-dad10a67-63f3-c7be-9fac-5ca27f741a14">I want to know if I’m the only one who has revelations during their tests. Thoughts flood my mind such as: I can’t do this, How am I supposed to know this, and Ok, maybe I have actually mastered some of this material. To find out other students’ experiences with testing, I set out around campus to ask: How do you feel and what are you thinking in the middle of a test?

Veronica Child ’18: I feel like I am climbing a mountain doing well but at the first lip it all goes downhill.

Charlie Imhoff ’17: I think about the question and think about how I can bullshit my way through it. What key phrases would you say if you knew the answer to this question? What isn’t wrong here?

Andrew Biddison ’19: I just kind of word vomit everything I know and then leave.

Anna McGinn ’18: woof- it’s a universal word for anything bad.

Helpful(?) study tips:

Study with people from class:

Study groups are a good excuse to:

(a) fill in the notes that you didn’t take down in class because you were too busy doodling flowers and dragons in the margins.

(b) talk about how you just “don’t get” the teaching style of the prof.

(c) talk to the insanely cute person who sits too many seats away for daily conversation to be possible. Seize this studying as a time to have your romance blossom.

Make your own study guides:

Assert your dominance. Make your own study guide and make the prof try to learn from it.

Get some sleep:

The advice everyone wants and needs to hear. Studying in Sayles until 3am isn’t good for anyone.

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