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Graffiti vandals deface campus

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Last Sunday, Security cited several incidents of vandalism on campus. Spray-painted symbols and words were found at various locations, and the windows of a Security vehicle and the Weitz Center were coated in spray paint.

Security caught a senior, who asked for his name not to be printed, in the act of spray-painting the security vehicle.

According to head of security Wayne Eisenhuth, the student “became uncooperative,” and the Northfield Police were called to issue him a ticket.

When asked by The Carletonian why he did it, the student said  “there’s no rational answer to these kind of things. It was just a spur of the moment thing. I shouldn’t have done it. During his meeting with Associate Dean of Students Cathy Carlson, Carlson wondered if the frequent spray-painting incidents were part of an elaborate senior prank, but the student denied that this was the case.

The student also denied that he was the source of the other instances besides the one involving the vehicle.

On the sidewalk from Boliou to Lyman Lakes, “Do Not Live in FEAR” was shakily written in black spray paint.

Further down the path before the bridge to the Rec, “You Gotta Pay the Troll’s Toll” was written in seemingly the same black spray paint.

Several black spray-painted upside-down “A”’s in a circle were also found on the sidewalk southeast of Laird and between Olin and the Music Hall.

Eisenhuth wondered if the “A” symbol was referencing the new Avenger’s movies or anarchism. He also questioned if CORAL could be involved. “Anarchism. Isn’t that part of their deal?” he said.

Security has identified another student suspect in the sidewalk graffiti incidents, and has referred them to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.

The sidewalk graffiti has been, for the most part, removed.

Eisenhuth explained that the vandalism this term is a “little bigger” of a problem than usual, but is unsure why.

“I don’t think it’s anything against security. I think we have pretty good relationships with the students. If it was something against us, I would spray paint them!” he said.

Jay Stadler, grounds manager, expressed frustration with the current frequency of vandalism.

“It bugs me. I don’t understand it. Everyone at Carleton, not just facilities, works towards providing the best possible environment for learning and living. When property damage, or inappropriate messages are defacing the campus it really embarrasses me. Our student body is way too bright, imaginative, and fun to do things like that,” he said.

Eisenhuth tends to agree. “Carleton students are better than this. They are vandalizing their own house because, ultimately, you’re paying for it.”


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