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Memories of Accepted Students’ Day: A Carleton “Meet-Cute”

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If you’ve ever taken a CAMS class, you probably know what a meet-cute is. (Admittedly, I’ve not yet taken a CAMS class at Carleton, so this is just a guess.) Anyway, a meet-cute is a scene in which two people first meet “in a way,” Wikipedia tells me, “that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing.” My best real life meet-cute involves my prospie experience at Carleton.

I attended Accepted Student Days at Carleton pretty undecided as to whether I wanted to come here. I live within a two-hour drive of Northfield, so my mom drove me and stayed for the nice dinner the College puts on for the first night of ASD. After dinner, I migrated to the Concert Hall to see some acapella with someone I had met at dinner. After that was over, they called off names to match prospies up

with the students they would be staying with. I waited a long time only to finally hear “Jillie Cox” called. Embarrassed at the forthcoming awkwardness of having to explain the mistake to my host—Actually, my name is Lillie—I hurried up to the front of the Concert Hall, face flushed.

There I met my host and her roommate (shout out to Aleena and Gretchen if you’re reading this) and the other prospie they were hosting, Lindsay. I identified myself as Lillie, not Jillie, and we all laughed about the mix-up and headed back to their room in Goodhue.

Once Lindsay and I dropped off our things in our hosts’ room, they pretty much told us to do whatever we liked for the rest of the evening. We decided to meet up with some people both of us had met at the opening dinner and basically just had fun talking, and for the remaining unde- cided among us, decompressing somewhat from the anxiety of the big decision looming. Everyone I met that evening was so nice and open about his or her experiences. I had a moment in which I thought to myself, Wow, these are my people. I don’t know how well that sunk in, however, because I was still torn between Carleton and another college right up until May 1st when a choice had to be made.

It was probably a combination of gut instinct, location, and finances that resulted in my choosing Carleton, but the pivotal factor should have been the people element.

I didn’t know it then, but the fellow prospie I stayed with on 2nd Goodhue would turn out most important people in my life within the following year. Lindsay and I both ended up at Carleton and fell into overlapping social circles freshman fall. We became closer winter term before we decided to room together for sophomore year.

Lindsay’s going off to Rome for an OCS program in a couple of weeks and I’m incredibly excited for her, but it will be a bit strange to be at Carleton without her. We’re pretty different—she is the more outgoing, louder, peppier one—but we complement each other really well and have helped each other through a lot. This year, I’ll be wishing her a happy “friendiversary” come April 10th, the day we met at ASD, from a few time zones away.

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