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Sayles Desserts Get Fancier New options are high class, but are they style over substance?

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Oh, biscotti. The timelessly attractive biscotti. Quite a few kinds are stocked–there’s chocolate covered, strawberry covered, cinnamon something-or-other, you name it, they’ve probably got it. Price is $2. They taste…well, pretty much like any other biscotti anywhere else would. When first ordering this item, I asked for a biscotto, trying to use the actual Italian singular of the word, but got smirked at in response. So for Italian nationalists and linguistic authenticists, perhaps these aren’t for you. But for anyone else–yes, recommended.

Pumpkin Applesauce Bundt Cake

This thing tasted like pumpkin. And applesauce. Can’t comment on whether it tasted like bundt cake because I only learned that word with this purchase. But I recommend it. Seriously. Soft, very tasty, not too dry, good consistency. Before trying this, if someone set down something before me and called it a bundt cake, I probably wouldn’t have eaten it because of the name. But eating this dessert I underwent a sort of religious conversion, and I’m a fan.

Chocolate Mocha Cupcake

Another dessert that makes good on all the promises offered by its name. It tasted like chocolate, tasted like mocha (which, you know, really just means chocolate with a coffee flavor) and was, undoubtedly, a cupcake. Nice and chocolatey, fairly priced, and a solid addition to Sayles’ menu. Something set to become a staple of the new dessert market.

Rice Krispie Thing

This thing just looks like some rainbow monstrosity from afar. However, once one manages to overcome the initial fear of actually tasting it, it’s not all that regrettable. Perhaps someone braver than I would have an easier time of doing so, but in any case, the initial struggle to over- come the mental block created by this thing’s appearance is real. Sadly, one is then faced with the challenge of physically dismembering and then eating this. And for what? The amount of psychological progress required to actually enjoy this item is too much to make it worthwhile.

One Misc Food Item (Some Sort of Tart)

I expected this to have some ridiculously fancy name, but, as it turns out, this complex-looking tart item with a price suggestive of a ‘hand-crafted in the swiss alps’ kind of product is just called ‘one misc food item’ according to the Sayles database. Still, it does look nice. In a delicate ring of orange-flavored cream and crust, sugared cranberries, whipped cream, and then a small slice of orange atop. This cost me $3.75, but, after two bites I wasn’t regretful.

Black Forest Cake

My companion in reviewing, after having tried a bite of this dessert, described its taste as a metaphor for life. My thoughts, however, boiled down to ‘this is cake and tastes like cake.’ Rich chocolate, a nice raspberry filling, whipped cream, and so on. And frankly, even though many of these purchases come down to getting gouged, this cake felt not indecently priced. $3.50 for a slice, which seems not horrible. I would recommend this before nearly all the other new items.


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