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Don’t Make it Weird: Advice for Screw Date

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Today is the day.

Screw Date. These last couple of weeks, while the experienced upperclassmen strategically set up their roommates, those of us comprising the Class of 2018 felt completely overwhelmed and confused by this Carleton tradition. While the proper etiquette for setting up our roommates and potential matches became clear, I began to realize that when it came to event itself, I had no idea what to expect. Seeking guidance, I turned to upperclassmen Elsa Christofaro and Hannah Quinn for some much needed advice.

“If it’s super awkward at first–it probably will be– just keep making conversation. It’ll get better. Hopefully,” jokes Quinn. If the awkwardness is so overwhelming that you feel uncomfortable, do not fear because there are solutions.

According to Christofaro, “Go to a movie or not-talking type date. Or, prepare a list of questions in advance and use those as needed.” If these techniques fail and the circumstances are truly dire, Quinn advises first years to have a back-up plan with a friend, so you can leave the date in a more composed manner. These two students had plenty of advice for me, someone who is new to this odd but beloved tradition as to what you should avoid doing at Screw date this year. Quinn’s advice focused on your mental preparation for the night. “Freshmen should avoid going into the night with any expectations. The fun of Screw Date is being spontaneous and getting to know someone better!”

Christofaro warned that the worst thing you can do to your date is “not going. Standing up your screw date proves that you are a worthless human being.”

With all the events happening on Friday, choosing what to do can be overwhelming. Seeing a play, attending an improv show, going to the Firebellies restaurant, or going to a movie are only some of events slotted. Quinn recommended Cujokra because “Laughing was a good way to ease the initial awkwardness, and it gave us a lot to talk about afterwards. Now we’re good friends!”

Whatever you choose to do, it is inevitable. It will be awkward. It will be cheesy. But when asked to describe the event in one word Christofaro gave an enthusiastic “fun” and Quinn described the night as “enjoyable”. You see my fellow members of class of 2018; there is hope for a wonderful evening during one of Carleton’s favorite traditions.

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