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Clumsily Cute Carleton Dating

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Whenever I try to flirt, I just end up rambling about something very non-flirty; like puppies or politics. Personally, I think these topics are a lot more interesting and a lot less stressful than attempting to come up with clever conversation starters, and I bet a lot of Carls would agree with me. However, long ago people decided that awkward stares, staging “surprise” run-ins, and sending cryptic written messages (often while drunk) would be a much better way to go about it. The funny thing is, we are aware of how frankly unnecessary strung-out flirting is, but we still decide to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a guy I like pay attention to me, but it’s hard for that attention to lead anywhere when both sides are in a nervous flirtation cycle.

So, I would like to suggest some more direct alternatives to flirting. Now, being direct isn’t for everyone… I mean, I ramble on about things that have nothing to do with romance, but I still think that a direct approach is best. I know that college seems like an eternity, but soon our 4 years here will be over. Although asking someone out or just straight out telling someone you like them is risky, the risk can be worth it. Just in case that peer that you like doesn’t get the hint during your rant about puppies, here are a few tips for moving beyond flirtation and actually making a move Carleton style.

1. The classic of all pseudo-dates, the coffee date is by far the safest and the easiest to backtrack and make platonic if the date isn’t working out. Blue Monday is desperately lacking in coffee dates, and with its owl lamps it practically screams “I’m perfect for an adorkable first date.”

2. Give the person you are interested in a book …just make sure the book you give them isn’t Silence of the Lambs (hint, Clarice and Hannibal are not a cute couple). If you’re feeling like a major risk taker, ask them out through a message inside the book cover.

3. Go to the Northfield Antiques shop with them. There are some pretty wacky things in there that are sure to break the tension. If not, it’s big store…it’s very easy to get “lost” in.

4. Go to the Northfield Aquatic Pets store and buy them a fish. Just be sure not to leave it in their mailbox.

5. Take a walk in the Arboretum and see where it leads you. Trust me, the Lower Arb isn’t that scary. It may be “uncharted territory,” but that’s what makes it like dating. It’s new and previously shrouded in mystery, but that’s what makes it worth exploring

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