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Carleton Embraces Class of 2017 into Proud Ranks of Tradition

<t time of the year again. The leaves on the trees surrounding the Bald Spot are beginning to turn colors, The Carletonian is back in business, and the incoming class is getting acquainted with their home for the next four years.

The class of 2017 has been touted as the most accomplished class in Carleton’s history. With 529 students from 45 states and 23 countries, this class is also the most selective yet, with an admission rate of just 21%. From the moment they received their acceptance letter signed by Dean of Admissions Paul Thiboutot, many students began counting down the days until they would embark on their college journey at Carleton.

The exhilaration, anxiety, and giddiness were ever present on September 10, the day all 529 of them were warmly embraced into Carleton’s welcome arms. With 40 new student week groups comprised of less than 15 students in each, New Student Week facilitated a sense of intimacy in getting to know campus and peers.

Brandon Taitt ’14, in his second year of being an NSW leader, praised the new students’ engagement and increasing comfort level with their new surroundings. By the third day, he remarked, “they made the transition from acting awkward and reserved to feeling relaxed and outgoing. This was a great time for me because I got to see the great personalities that the Carleton community was welcoming into its ranks emerge from their shells and begin to truly take in the awesomeness that is Carleton.  They began introducing themselves to each other on a deeper level, engaging in legitimate and worthwhile conversations, and asking me relevant and pertinent questions- the answers to which I wish I had access to when I was an incoming freshman.  All of this was great to see, and I knew that they were ready to begin their lives as Carls.”

Trey Brademan also in his second term as a NSW leader echoed Taitt’s level of excitement for the freshman class and their performance during the week. “There’s a sort of energy during NSW that is never quite actualized again during the regular school year. New faces, new interactions, an introduction to their new home for four years, and a whole lot of Carleton awkward. My ‘kids’ were the absolute bomb! I can’t even express how happy I am to have met each one of them.”

“I think what impresses me the most was their willingness to be themselves. None of them changed the person they were so they could make a quick friend for the week. I think this led to the fact that many of them are still friends, over a week after NSW ended.” He added.

The freshmen participated in many mandatory presentations throughout the week, including “The Buzz”, Carleton’s alcohol awareness presentation; a presentation of the importance of diversity; and “Doing it Right”, a presentation of consent, dating, and relationships. Each centered on the importance of having a supportive and caring community.

The week culminated with the annual new student week Variety Show, which gave freshmen the opportunity to showcase their talents. While participants had a wide range of acts – from the quirky to the awe-inspiring to the purely comedic – the show provided copious fun for everyone as they enjoyed one last light-hearted diversion from the upcoming rigors of academics.

It won’t be long until many of the incoming class takes it upon themselves to oversee next year’s class transition into the Carleton sphere during New Student Week. Many Carls share a similar sentiment to that of Taitt’s and Brademan’s, devoted to providing the same helpful, supportive, and engaging experience he and his peers received during their freshmen NSW: “As we all know, the first week of college can be crazy, confusing, and at times frightening […] Having an upperclassman role model to look up to and lean on for support can mean the world to some students.”

“Well, I’m glad it’s over,” said Leah Roche ‘17 “It was exhausting, but otherwise it was a good experience.”

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