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What to Do with a Few Extra Bucks: CSA Gets Creative with Funds

<rleton Student Association) has too much money.  According to a representative, the CSA has money left over on their hands this term. Cooper Buss ‘13, treasurer of the CSA, elaborated more on the budgeting situation and the Rollover Fund of the CSA.

According to Buss, it is not unusual for the CSA to have money leftover, although it is not always easy to gauge the correct amount.

“Never in my four years involved with CSA finances has CSA’s budget come anywhere close to the total amount of money we have and make as income over the course of the year. We do however budget fairly accurately, with a reasonable buffer, to our renewable income. This renewable income is generated from the termly inflows of money from the student activity fee, vending machine revenue, and washing machine revenue,” he said.

He further explained that the Rollover Fund is mostly composed of the difference between CSA’s income and the amount they budget. Another part of the fund comes from money left over when student organizations do not spend all of the funding allocated to them for specific events.

The size of the Rollover Fund is usually determined in July. After seeing how much of the fund is available, the CSA makes plans at Senate meetings on what to do with this money. The consensus is that the money should not be used for anything covered by the budget, but rather on opportunities like capital, building projects, or innovative measures.

Past investments of the Rollover Fund have been the new student band room in Goodhue, the proposed Cave patio project (which was unfortunately blocked by administration), and a one-time investment in Spring Concert.

Some proposed ideas for the fund are: a sauna, a laser tag arena, a club venue on campus to host dances and performances using Carleton’s own sound and lighting systems, or a CSA vehicle of some sort that student organizations could use exclusively.

What can be done with the Rollover Fund? Buss said, “We would love to get student input on this and are planning a campaign sometime this year to see what amazing ideas students have to improve our campus.”

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