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Good Luck Wishes and Thoughts on Student Publications

<itorial is the last time the Carleton community will hear from us as editors-in-chief of The Carletonian.

While we know that the number of weekly readers of the paper is still probably too small, we would like to think that we left The Carletonian in better shape than we found it. In this past year as editors, we have made a deliberate effort to cover a wider range of relevant campus issues and student opinions in a fun, accessible and informative way. At a small school like ours, where news and information travel at cyber speeds, it can be a struggle to come up with ten pages worth of news each week. (See the headline of fall term’s issue 5: “Everyday hustle keeps post office workers busy, busy, busy.”) However, even as two people largely uninterested in pursuing journalism after college, we feel that having strong student publications at Carleton is crucial to preserving our campus’ culture and creativity.

Undertaking this challenge hasn’t always been easy. Libby has had to endure Nick’s “singing,” and we both suffered the consequences of too much Dominos. (We’re not sure how many years we have taken off our life by eating CinnaStix every Thursday for the past three terms, but we’re guessing it’s not insignificant.)

We would like to thank everyone who made this memorable year possible. With the AP handbook memorized, Emily Hartley was probably more qualified to do our job than we were. Thanks also to DJ Jon Isaac, for bringing the tunes and orange slices. While Kelsey Ross might not be the best speller, she has an extensive repertoire of funny YouTube videos. When she wasn’t busy acing n00bz on the tennis court, Kathryn Schmidt somehow found time to manage our staff of photographers with grace (and Google Docs). Michael Alexander, we made up a position for you just so you could watch Capitols games on our computers and come up with ideas for articles. Thanks for keeping us company! Last but not least, we have to thank our business team of Caroline Kryder and Tim Wills, without whom we likely would have gone bankrupt and had to apply to the CSA for extra funding. We all know that probably wouldn’t have turned out too well.

To next year’s editors, Kaitlyn Gerber, Noelani Kirschner, Maddy Crowell and Molly Rapaport—we’ve really enjoyed working with you this year, and are confident that you will continue to discover new1  Pandora stations, and uphold the strong and enduring friendships we have made with most of the Dominos delivery staff.

To next year’s staff, good luck! And to the rest of our readers, have a smooth end of the year.

1. Our faves: Beyonce, Motown and Sesame Street

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