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Schiller Bust Appears on “Desperate Housewives”

<se who have documented and followed Schiller’s journey throughout the years know that the famous deceased Greek poet has had some historic moments. Schiller’s most recent appearance, on last Sunday’s series finale of the ABC hit TV show “Desperate Housewives,” is sure to continue his tradition of momentous appearances.

The bust’s appearance opened the pan-shot of a library scene, as he stoically rested on top of a bookshelf. Later on, as the scene closed, the camera again panned across the library scenery, catching another glimpse of Schiller before the screen faded to black.

Schiller’s exhibition was courtesy of “Desperate Housewives” executive producer and Carleton alumnus Bob Daily ’82. Daily had been on campus a few weeks ago as a member of the Alumni Counsel, and had discussed the prospects of featuring Schiller on “Desperate Housewives” with Becky Zrimsek, Carleton’s Director of Alumni Relations.

When Daily later discovered the finale of the TV show, he knew it the opportunity he had been looking for.

He rushed to explain Carleton’s “crazy college tradition” to the show’s director, and to ask for the opportunity to make thousands of Carleton students happy with only a few seconds of extra air time. The director was immediately on-board with the idea, and Daily scheduled to have Schiller mailed to Los Angeles from Northfield.

“It all happened really quickly. There wasn’t much previous planning. I contacted the Director of Alumni Relations, and she got a hold of the owners of Schiller and had them overnight ship it to me. I got the bust in a box, wrapped in towels,” explained Daily.

Daily also emphasized his excitement at finally being able to hold and see the esteemed bust of Schiller up close. Throughout his four years at Carleton, he claims to have never been graced with this honor. Thus, he describes his decision as partially selfish.

Nonetheless, his efforts made thousands of students and Carleton alumni happy and excited. One week before the airing of Schiller’s debut appearance, photos of Schiller posing on-set were released onto the Carleton College website and Carleton College Facebook page. Over 360 people “liked” the photo on the Facebook page alone.

In addition, this past weekend, flyers appeared all over campus, depicting Schiller on a TV screen and bearing the words, “8 PM, Upper Sayles.” These were followed by a viewing party in Upper Sayles, where students gathered to watch and celebrate Schiller’s Emmy-worthy performance.

Schiller, traditionally known to travel from one Carleton owner to another through both thievery and competition, has historically made appearances at major campus events. More significantly, Schiller has been spotted in wide-scale events around the world.

The bust was also seen on “The Colbert Report” with Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, in 2010. He also made a surprise appearance with President Clinton at the ‘00 commencement address.

Schiller has gone on several crazy adventures, such as dangling by a cable from a helicopter at the 1962 Homecoming game, and even called up to graduate at the 2006 commencement. His recent appearance on “Desperate Housewives” will surely be recorded in Schiller history.

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