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Prospies: Is Carleton right for you?

D Accepted Students, By now, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Dacie Moses House, the dual-boot computers, and our hurricane-inspired stapler-naming system. But hopefully your visit here will show you that there is more to Carleton than the typical rounds on a guided tour. Deciding what college to choose is a stressful process, especially with all the advice you get from parents, friends and teachers. Let us try to help make your decision easier. We can safely say you will probably like Carleton if… You are okay with the school library being the center of your week-day social life. Everyone has their favorite spot on campus to do work, and for most that spot is somewhere in the Libe. You will find yourself heading to the Libe when you want to meet up with friends, find dinner buddies, nap, or just procrastinate. You’re down with layers. You’ll be surprised how many shirts and sweaters you can pile on and still fit into your winter coat. Think of it as long-underwear chic. You like streaking/seeing streakers. Get ready to see naked people at most important college events. And if that’s your thing, you can even join the ranks. You like the idea of thinking about time only in terms of weeks. During your four years here, you will never find yourself referring to days by their actual month and date. We measure time in terms of the weeks of the term (there are ten in total). For example, today is Friday of 3rd week, not April 13. You like Frisbee, or like to pretend that you like Frisbee. If you’re not officially on one of the six Frisbee teams, chances are you still enjoy throwing discs around for fun. Or at least when you go home you tell your friends you do. They’ll be impressed or just laugh at you. You like explaining to you friends back East that you don’t go to a community college. Just because they’ve never heard of it, does not make it any less legitimate. Don’t let the haterz get you down. You are ready to endure long and lonely winter breaks. It’s up to you how you choose to spend your six weeks off between Thanksgiving and New Years. All your other friends will probably still be in school, so it’s a perfect time to get a job, travel, or just hang with mom. You really like Indian food. Two of the best (only?) restaurants in town happen to be Indian food. You will be ordering Biryani, Channa Masala and Daal like a pro in no time. Chapati Buffet has become synonymous with tummy aches and gassy afternoons. You’re generally a nice person. There are always exceptions, but on the whole, the Carleton student body is incredibly friendly and welcoming. Meanies have little business here.

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