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Embrace the awkward: putting set up your roommate in perspective

< college that values its traditions, tonight marks one special fall-term-at-Carleton event: set up your roommate night.

Or, if you prefer, let’s call it “screw date.”

Given the near non-existence of dating culture at Carleton, screw dates are a blast from generations past. They’re akin to a courting ritual from medieval days, or at least a night out at the soda shoppe and drive-in half a century ago.

Maybe all the excitement about screw dates derives from the lack of dating culture at Carleton, or maybe it’s the fact that we can be completely awkward and have a perfectly legitimate excuse for it.

Regardless, screw date is an essential part of Carleton tradition that we hope everyone participates in at least once before graduation. It doesn’t have to be with a romantic interest. Take a hint from the 50s, and just have your roommate set you up with a swell guy or gal.

Even though screw dates are only a one-time thing, they can play out in a variety of different ways. Below, find some examples of classic screw date scenarios.

1. “Contra Dancing” Screw Date. (Or substitute “Contra Dancing” for a similarly goofy event, like lamp tag.) Just embrace the goofiness and don’t take it too seriously.

2. “Love at First Sight” Screw Date. This never happens. But if it does, tell us. And rumor has it that the Chapel takes reservations for wedding ceremonies.

3. “Disappointing” Screw Date. With such high expectations about how the night will go, or who you will be paired with, disappointment might be hard to avoid.

4.  “Bring Them to Shabbat” Screw Date. There’s no better way to bond than over Hallah and Hamotzi.

5. “They’re Drunk” Screw Date. You meet your date in Sayles only to find that for them, the fun began hours ago.

6. “You’re Drunk” Screw Date. The built-up anxiety was just too much.

Your screw date will be as fun as you make it, and depending on what you put into it, it could end in any way.

Set up your roommate night is a great way to meet new people—not just your date, but also the random group you will inevitably hang out with as friends clump together with their dates. You will also have the opportunity to go to events you might not normally attend. (We highly recommend Goodsell Observatory open hours.)

But, most importantly, you will come away with a good story to tell, and you will be a part of a beloved Carleton tradition. Isn’t that just the bee’s knees?

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