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Green Space: Take Back the Tap at Carleton

<ter is a basic human right. Take Back the Tap Carleton stands firmly by this point and believes that the production and distribution of bottled water is creating many alarming environmental, economic, and social concerns. In step with Carleton’s commitment to sustainability, Take Back the Tap is working to make our campus bottled water free and to reinvest in local water infrastructure. Last year, we saw the passage of a CSA resolution that bans CSA funded bottled water at events, and this Monday, CSA will vote to remove bottled water from campus vending machines. Why is bottled water a pertinent issue for Carleton and us as individuals to stand against? Here are some facts to consider the next time you choose between bottled and tap water:

•    Bottled water is not safer! The federal government mandates that municipal water supplies are held to a high standard and are tested frequently, whereas bottled water is not monitored as often or with as much rigor. In fact, there is only one person at the EPA whose job description includes monitoring bottled water.
•    Bottled water is much more expensive! Bottled water costs thousands of times more than tap water, even though most bottled water is merely repackaged tap water (Aquafina, the bottled water on Carleton’s campus, is one such example).
•    Bottled water hurts the environment! Millions of barrels of oil are used to create and ship plastic water bottles. 90% of these plastic bottles are not recycled, ending up polluting ecosystems or in a landfill.
•    Bottled water is a pressing, relevant concern! Consumers in the U.S. spent over $11 billion on bottled water in 2008 alone, diverting to a private industry resources that could be supporting and developing local water infrastructure. Take Back The Tap and demand that everyone has access to safe and affordable public water!
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Courtney Dufford ‘14
Sustainability Assistant

Questions? Contact the STAs at [email protected]

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