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Room draw brings joy, frustration to students

<lways, roomdraw this year came with many victories (see page 10) and equally as many losses. High-occupancy rooms were in high-demand among seniors this years, throwing a wrench in the plans of some seniors with lower draw numbers.

Things got pretty exciting Thursday night during the rising sophomore’s roomdraw, though. Waves of boos echoed throughout the hall when in-demand high-occupancy rooms were announced as taken; conversely, singles elicited cheers from the crowd. Jojo Schmidt, an RA helping run roomdraw, described the night as “mildly controlled chaos.”
Surely a large number of students walked away from roomdraw this week semicontent with their new rooms, but wishing that they had gotten that slightly larger quint or that double that wasn’t on the quiet floor.

However, those unsatisfied with their roomdraw fate should consider the case of Annette Martin, a rising sophomore with effectively the last draw number in the school.

Upon learning her luckthis past January, Annette tried to look on the bright side.

“Surely my intended roommate would have a better draw number. It couldn’t be that bad. I searched for her number. 3521. Fourth to last,” said Martin in an e-mail.

“I quickly fell into a state of despair, bemoaning my fate and cursing my perpetual misfortune. I have always maintained that I am one of those born under an unlucky star, and this was confirmation of the fact.”

As roomdraw neared, Martin realized that she was certainly going to be the last person to draw – numbers 3524 and 3522 had already been drawn in by the time sophomore roomdraw started.

“I like to tell myself I may be making some sort of room draw history. What are the odds that two people planning on living together would actually have the two last numbers left in the draw?”

Considering her situation, Annette and her roommate, Becca Hobbs, were in good spirits during the draw. As her peers nervously debated and planned around her, she predicted she would “probably be in Musser” as the last of the Goodhue doubles were taken.

At around 9:00 Annette and Becca finally drew their room. As they predicted, they drew a double in Musser – the absolute last double on campus. Now that’s choice.

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