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Fakerspace (fake makerspace ideas)

  1. imPOSTER syndrome 
    1. Put away the deeply set insecurity and get out the glitter glue! We know you love justifying to yourself why you belong here, so put it on a poster to get the word out to others! That’s right! The Makerspace will be hosting an all-about-me poster-making workshop so you can let everyone know how involved you were in high school and that you still volunteer at your hometown library. When you’re done, hang it on your door to tell your dorm that even though you got a 96% on your bio midterm, that’s “low for you” and you’re “really upset about it.” You’ll look so confident and definitely not rude at all! And trust us, nobody will think you’re compensating for anything.
  2. Make a Friend
    1. We know you don’t have any friends. And if you think you do, they actually probably hate you! Don’t worry though, the Makerspace is coming to you with a solution. “Make a Friend.” This Friday, the Makerspace will be providing you with a variety of materials you can use to make your friend, including papiermâché, glitter, pipe cleaners and real human blood. Don’t worry, everyone else is too busy being lonely to notice that your new “friend” is just a bunch of newspapers stuck together with washi tape. You could possibly even make a real-life friend when you’re here! Probably not though. Better to just work in awkward silence in a room full of other people.
  3. Quirky Qualities 
    1. Are you not quirky enough to be a super quirky Carleton student? Why not craft your quirk in the Makerspace? Come use our t-shirt press to print a cow playing the ukelele on that shirt you bought from SHEIN. Then you can tell everyone you thrifted it. Not quirky enough for you? Our other activities include: obscure sports, lockpicking, creating merch for bands with <1000 listeners on Spotify and ice cream trivia. As Shakespeare said, “Some are born quirky, some achieve quirkiness and some have quirkiness thrust upon them.” Well, get thrusting this Wednesday in the Makerspace!

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