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Alli-strology: January 21

Dear my beloved Carl-friends,

I am back for another term and another installment of Alli-strology! Since Jan. 14, Mercury turned retrograde (which means that, visually, it appears the planet is moving backward in the sky, and that certain aspects of our lives that we wish to move away from may manifest/reappear). However, while there may be frustrating developments afoot, this also means that since Mercury is in the sign of Aquarius and then Capricorn (on Jan. 25), there’s an emphasis on recognizing our guiding humanitarian principles and standing up for some causes we believe in. This is a rather interesting transit that is reflected in the recent central and tense dialogue regarding COVID-19 and community life at Carleton!

Have you felt more emotional than usual? Perhaps more nostalgic? The Jan. 17 Full Moon in Cancer likely played a part in this. Full Moons cause periods of release and reflection, and since Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon, feelings and vulnerability are hyper-, hyper-present. On Jan. 18, Uranus turns direct, which means that we’ll feel ready to unabashedly express ourselves, follow our instincts and try new and exciting things.

When reading your horoscope, you’ll likely relate most to your rising/ascendant sign (you can find this using your birth time), and/or if you have one sign that shows up numerous times in your birth chart (i.e. a stellium). Or…if you’re like me, you read every sign’s horoscope and take what resonates. 🙂 Happy reading. <3

Allison Drennan

Aries: As of now, you may be feeling a lack of control that has got you impatient and ready for the next chapter. You have more control over things in your life than you think. Take time to reflect on the typical things you do everyday. Try something new and stay active. Staying in the same place for too long will allow for rumination and overthinking.

Taurus: This week, stay cognizant of what activities and moments foster joy and enthusiasm in you. You strive for a life of stability and comfort, so see if you can make any connections between what brings you joy and potential careers.

Gemini: Do not resist conversations this week, Gemini. There could be an unexpected discovery that could positively shift things for you. Do not dwell on things or worry about what might change if you act.

Cancer: The Full Moon in your sign amplifies the emotions you’re feeling, Cancer, so do not beat yourself up if you notice you’re having trouble focusing on tasks and getting caught up in old memories/feelings. You are powerful here. Your emotions and ability to connect to people are highly valued.

Leo: You desire to be recognized for your work and for who you are. The Full Moon asks that you slow down and reflect on the connections you’ve made with others thus far and what the benefits are to these connections. You’re a leader, but do not forget you are a part of the whole.

Virgo: You clarify and organize messes and can visualize how an ideal world could be created, Virgo. Voice your concerns and release the accumulated anxieties by acting. It is easy to get lost in the hypotheticals, so act by taking small steps.

Libra: As Virgo visualizes and seeks to fix things, you, Libra, recognize beauty and improvement through aesthetics. The Full Moon and Uranus developments allow for you to see the ideal and use your keen eye to create and beautify the environment around you. People will likely come to you for advice, but support them first by listening.

Scorpio: The Full Moon and Uranus turning direct urges you to address deep-rooted feelings you have toward yourself and others. Focus on your thoughts this week. Which ones are negative and positive and why? You’re doing great.

Sagittarius: Abundance is present in your life, Sagittarius. Whether you notice it or not, you are capable of incredible things. You thrive in new places and love to learn, so push yourself to address your limiting beliefs; while many of them developed to keep you safe in the past, they have become outdated for this new chapter you occupy. This is hard work, so be proud of yourself.

Capricorn: You may feel yourself gaining a sense of stability here, Capricorn. You are tough and want to be taken seriously. This week, make a list of your accomplishments and do not be strict. All wins are big wins. Tunnel vision is real, especially with you, so remember to slow down and pat yourself on the back for getting so, so far and triumphing through so many challenges.

Aquarius: This week will allow you the opportunity and energy to take risks. What have you been hesitant to try? You will also likely feel more self-assured. Your passions are special and should be shared. People value your opinion and look to you for inspiration, so follow your instincts.

Pisces: You spend a lot of your time thinking about the future and hypotheticals, sweet Pisces. This gives you a forward-thinking and dreamy disposition. However, since the future has yet to occur, your thoughts can be anchored in and hindered by the past and negative experiences. This week, practice grounding and mindfulness. The future can be impacted by the past, but more importantly, it is impacted by the present. This cycle of thought influences behavior. You are much more than your thoughts, yes, but take note of how they impact your actions, and then you will notice patterns.

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