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This is, of course, your favorite Sagittarius and bestie, Allison, and I am here to tell you  that Mercury in Retrograde is *almost* over on October 17! On October 20, there is going be a really cool full moon in Aries! This is going to call in that assertive and active energy that many of us may have felt lacking as of late with the Carleton Cold and general midterm mayhem.  Don’t fret, bestie. Trust your gut and be aware of how this energy might potentially lead to impulsive action. Especially with Venus in Sagittarius, (aka Spicy! Flirty! Lighthearted! Fun!), this upcoming week will mean a revitalization of sorts. It is likely that this week will be full of new experiences and opportunities, and you should be aware that this will also be a time of honesty. Sagittarius and Aries are fire signs, which means this week will give you energy to end things that aren’t serving your highest good, and bring forth the truths you need to acknowledge. Sounds like it could be intimidating, but y’all, I’m pumped, and you should be too!! As always, read the horoscopes below based on your rising/ascendant sign.* 

Peace and Blessings,

– Ur favorite Sagittarius <3

*If this isn’t helpful, look at ur chart and google what a stellium is and read that sign’s horoscope too*

Aries: This week is about communication and decluttering your life. Distractions have been abundant. What might have happened this past week or month that has had a negative impact on you will start to fade away this week. Whether this was a social thing or another aspect of your life, this week will allow you more breathing room. 

Taurus: There is success coming for you this week, Taurus! Trust that there will be good news and stay on the path that you feel is most beneficial to your highest good. This success will build off a foundation you have been building. Could very well be romantic 😉 and/or related to business.

Gemini: Wait until after October 17 to make any big decisions, Gemini. Just like I said last week, communication and decision-making could be skewed and you gotta be extra aware of how you are expressing yourself. After the 17, the week will open up an opportunity for you to focus on professional and/or academic endeavors. Pay attention to what piques your interest here.

Cancer: The weekend might pose some social or familial challenges, but trust that the upcoming week will bring a renewed sense of self. You feel emotions on such a deep level that lately it has been taking a toll. The full moon will bring some more balance and drive 

for you, baby, don’t worry.

Leo: Heyo. This week will ask you to reflect on how you can improve your relationships. Be sensitive to this assertive energy that is coming with the full moon, Leo. Perhaps there are some apologies and vulnerable conversations to be had this week. Communication and listening are highly recommended, and if you pay special attention to this, it will pay off.

Virgo: There will be an emphasis on professional life this week. The weekend will bring fun social situations that will allow you to branch out, and the full moon in Aries will help you speak up to get what you want. 

Libra: Think about a little improvement you can make in your life this week, Libra. This could involve a conversation or time away to rest and recharge. This period, especially this past weekend, could have had you overthinking and stressing out. Journal it out and think about what you can control. 

Scorpio: This week will bring some events that will challenge you. This will most likely be academic or professional, as social life things have been in flux. Try to focus on one thing at a time and be wary of impulsivity.

Sagittarius: This could be a draining week, as you are stretched and people are interested in involving you as much as possible. Be selective about who you spend time with and what you say. 

Capricorn: Focus on social life this week, Capricorn. There has been a heavy emphasis on  the professional and academic, but there should be balance. Try to rest and reach out to people you miss. 

Aquarius: There is so much you are involved in, Aquarius. This week will come with choices. Don’t be afraid of making them. You know deep down what you want, and the full moon will allow you to finally express what you need. 

Pisces: Oh, Pisces. You are magnetic, and this period has brought a lot of reflection. This week will bring you something you were not aware of, nor even looking for. Whether it is a notification, or opportunity. Be open to this and really, really trust your intuition. You are hardly ever wrong. 

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