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The responsibility of having Mai Fete

<f the best parts of spring term is Mai Fete. As you may know, every Wednesday night, a different group of students from the senior class hosts the open invitation gathering. Thus far, our hosts have been excellent, taking financial responsibility for the event as well as being in charge at Mai Fete. As the weather improves, more and more people are going to attend Mai Fete—which is great. But with bigger crowds, we need to refocus on how to keep Mai Fete great. Depending on how we act, Mai Fete can continue to be a student organized event or it can devolve into unnecessary tensions between the greater Carleton community and the student body, an unfortunate situation we faced last year. To avoid any unpleasantness, we need to consider some of the realities of Mai Fete.

First, cars need to be parked in the parking lot. Because it is so damp, the grass and sod is easily damaged by cars driving to and from the island. The parking lot is only a hundred yards or so away—if we park our cars there, we can save the grounds crew unnecessary work.

Second, everyone needs to expect to be carded. The hosts are responsible for underage drinking and are required to card at the bridge. Hosts voluntarily assume responsibility for underage drinking violations, a necessary condition to keep Mai Fete student run. If we ignore this responsibility, we will again face pressure to restrict Mai Fete to the senior class only. Should you be refused alcohol because you are under 21, please understand.

Lastly, we need to keep the island clean. Litter will only get worse with more people. When Mai Fete ends, no one wants to stay late and clean. Garbage cans are conveniently located in the middle of the island. If everybody disposes of their own trash, it will take pressure off the hosts and grounds crew.
If we continue to be mindful of these issues, Mai Fete will be better for everyone. If we choose to ignore them, those of us hosting and organizing Mai Fete will be responsible to the administration, and as a student body we will sacrifice the autonomy that has allowed us to have Mai Fete in the first place. I look forward to seeing everyone at Mai Fete next week, and hopefully for weeks to come.

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