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Communal closet: sustainability oriented fashion


This is the first article in the Carletonian’s new weekly fashion spread. I will be profiling current fashion trends/ movements, Carleton’s fashion norms, particularly stylish individuals, and other assorted fashion related content. 

This week I am highlighting an essential part of Farm House’s daily routine, the communal closet (something I am intimately familiar with as a resident of this community). As Carleton’s sustainability interest house, Farm actively seek out ways to reduce their environmental impact. Fast fashion companies (clothing producers that produce cheap, low quality, on trend items) are only increasing their market share of the garment industry. According to a Vouge Business 2020 article, over half of Gen Zs buy most of their clothing from fast fashion retailers. The Communal Closet is Farm’s answer to what might otherwise be contradicting desires: sustainable fashion and the ability to have access to a large circulating wardrobe. Insulated jackets, cargo pants, boots, satchels, sweaters are just some of the things that Farm’s Communal Closet has accumulated over the years. In this photo series I highlight some members, all wearing clothing in communal circulation.

Farm housemates dress up for themselves and each other most days of the week. During COVID terms, when leaving the house can be a rare act, housemates still engage in creative self-expression through their clothing. With themed days (corduroy and monochrome to name some highlights), getting dressed in the morning is often a special ceremony in this community. On one such Monday evening, Arya Misra showed this best, putting on her finery to chop onions.

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