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Holes on dead trees and strange wasps

Holes on dead trees and strange wasps

Walt Li October 20, 2022

Some insects have the strangest, sci-fi-inspiring characteristics. On some dead trees in the Arb, you can sometimes see small but deep holes on the trunk. The holes can be caused by many insects, among...

(Very Few) Dangers in the Arb

(Very Few) Dangers in the Arb

Walt Li September 29, 2022

Violence, bloodshed, disease, horror and death. In the Arb, dangers lurk at every corner, and every day is a new struggle to survive, but not for humans. Unlike Arb residents, we as visitors can just...

Fish and fishing

Fish and fishing

Walt Li May 26, 2022

If you take a walk around the Lyman Lakes or Cannon River these days, you can see many anglers. Indeed, with the nice weather and mosquitoes not out yet, fishing could be the most enjoyable activity in...

McKnight Prairie by Nancy Braker

Arb Notes: Do You Know About McKnight Prairie?

Walt Li October 18, 2021

If you just happen to run into this article in the Carletonian (as opposed to reading it on the Arb’s website), chances are you are one of the students who are totally unaware of the plot of land that...

Arb Notes: The streets are empty, but not the arb

Walt Li April 17, 2020

Sunlight, chirping birds, the greening earth and the new spring air. The outside suddenly seemsparticularly delicious when we lose the freedom to it. Fortunately, the Arb is still providing thelocals...

Otters are Back: Finally Confirmed by a Photograph

Walt Li February 14, 2020

We’ve long been anticipating the reappearance of river otters (Lontra canadensis) in our Arboretum. Historically, unregulated hunting and habitat loss had driven river otters to local extinction in...

Human efforts beneath the natural look

Walt Li October 25, 2019

Before the snow starts to cover the ground, why don’t we go take a walk in this late fall, enjoying the fall leaves and golden prairie? While you are walking on the trails and taking in the nature,...

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