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Searching for Spring in the Arboretum

Sylvie Stanback April 14, 2018

As we get well and truly into April, it’s starting to feel like spring will never come.  True, we’ve had some cold days, and the snow seems to never stop coming, but if you look closely, the signs...

Protecting the arb from white tail deer

Sylvie Stanback October 21, 2016

While walking through the arb, especially in the mornings and evenings, you may have stumbled upon a herd of white tailed deer.  These creatures, while exciting to see out in the wild, have a rapidly...

Squirrel Seeks Sayles Dollars

Sylvie Stanback January 22, 2016

Winter is the time of year when a lot of animals hunker down for hibernation or migrate to follow food and warmer weather. However, there are some that stick around all year long, and can be seen around...

Fall Colors Everywhere

Sylvie Stanback October 16, 2015

You probably know that autumn is a time for the trees to change colors and drop their leaves. Now that we’ve had our first cold snap on campus and a nice big windstorm to follow, it really is looking...

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