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Conscientious consumer: a Carleton dining guide

Sarah Goldman February 12, 2016

College, especially at Carleton, is often overwhelming because of the sheer number of choices that students get to make – from classes, to summer plans, majors, roommates and friends. And these choices...

Hands on learning for high rankings

Sarah Goldman November 13, 2015

“To attend chiefly to the desk or schoolhouse, while we neglect the scenery in which it is placed, is absurd” – Henry David Thoreau Sometimes as I take a deep whiff of artificial sweet on my way...

Food for thought: freshmen can go green

Sarah Goldman October 2, 2015

Carleton is somewhat like a carrot. Often, it’s easy to see the luscious green foliage that the college promotes, but to truly savor this incredible place you’ve got to dig a little deeper. In this...

That’s Some Very Expensive Pizza

Sarah Goldman November 16, 2014

As Carleton students, we are part of the elite. We have the privilege of receiving one of the most prestigious educations in the country, we have peers, faculty and staff that truly support one another,...

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