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Zach Brokaw ’18 remembered

Katie Koza September 27, 2015

It happens to me every few days. From the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of a slim young man with sandy hair and glasses. “Zach,” I think, “is it you?” Of course, it never quite is— the...

Material longings, tiny house dreams

Katie Koza May 22, 2015

My first career goal was to become an architect. I got the idea in my head at about age five, when my parents, worried about the high lead levels in our current house and unable to find another one that...

A memoir in tea

Katie Koza May 9, 2015

If you drink a cup of tea too quickly, you’ll burn yourself. That’s part of the beauty of it - tea forces you to slow down, to wait for the brew to steep, then to wait for the brew to cool. I’ve...

I woke up like this

Katie Koza May 1, 2015

Facebook’s tailored ad system picked out a T-shirt it thinks I would like. The shirt in question bears the slogan, “I woke up like this,” overlaid on a reproduction of Boticelli’s famous painting,...

Work towards worthy goals, Wisconsin BCPL

Katie Koza April 17, 2015

Close on the heels of a similar measure in Florida, Wisconsin’s Board of Commissioners of Public Lands recently approved a measure “prohibiting staff from engaging in global warming or climate change...

The Misnomer of “Safe”: Forging Thoughtful Spaces

Katie Koza April 10, 2015

The author of provocative New York Times opinion article “In College and Hiding from Scary Ideas” talked about two kinds of (literal and metaphorical) spaces for campus conversation that she saw as...

“People wore goofy flamingo sweaters:” The importance of visiting colleges

Katie Koza March 7, 2015

Before I went on my first college visit, I thought that spending the night with a stranger was pretty high on the list of Things Not To Do. Innuendoes aside, spending the night at a college as a prospective...

Reform Medical Transport

Katie Koza February 20, 2015

On Wednesday, February 11th, I woke up feeling feverish, weak, and dizzy after having a nasty sore throat the night before. Unbeknownst to me, I had a severe bacterial infection in my throat that would...

Mine and thine in the Heartland

Katie Koza February 13, 2015

The iron that floated Ironwood, Michigan in times of prosperity sunk it once boom turned to bust. Now, grimy rundown storefronts and an air of depression cling to the tiny northern town. Garishly painted...

How to love a fish

Katie Koza February 7, 2015

I stumbled into the dorm kitchen half asleep to find that the fishbowl was gone. “Where’s Social Experiment?” I asked the guy sitting there with his laptop. “Where’s our fish?” I repeated....

Letters to Katie

Katie Koza February 2, 2015

When I was little, I started writing letters to my future self. I hid them in various places around the house—nestled in the extra rugs and old desks in the basement, tucked behind the books in the...

Free Speech and Editorial Conscience

Katie Koza January 25, 2015

From time to time, article submissions pop into my inbox that trouble me, sometimes very deeply. Reading them, I wonder how to uphold the principle of free speech without tacitly endorsing viewpoints...

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