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Exploring the for-Carls-by-Carls thrift scene

Karen Wang October 3, 2021

Timeworn Timeworn is a pandemic dream-turned-reality for Isabella Zerwas ’25 and her good friend, Luke Burney. Armed with a passion for sustainable consumption, love of fashion and some unexpected...

Racism, classism, sexism and the lore of Asian Americana

Karen Wang April 11, 2021

You’ve heard of it by now: On March 16, eight people—including six women of Asian descent—were murdered in a mass shooting across several Atlanta spas. The immediate aftermath was whiplash drenched...

I understand what an NFT is

Karen Wang April 11, 2021

I understand what an NFT is. I really do. I know that it goes on or in or through the blockchain, which is another thing that I understand. I conducted an extensive literature review, digging deep into...

Carleton to receive over $1 million from Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, half to be spent on financial aid emergency grants

Karen Wang May 2, 2020

Carleton is set to be awarded $1,168,048 from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) as part of the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES), signed into law...

Meatless or less meat: the case for a sustainable diet change

Karen Wang February 14, 2020

Hello, please, if you would, consider eating a little less meat—or maybe none at all. (I know, I know. This topic rarely wins me Miss Congeniality, but hear me out.) Arguments for eating plant-based...

Energy Club installs data loggers to monitor light usage in campus bathrooms

Karen Wang February 14, 2020

Energy Club recently installed occupancy and light data loggers in the bathrooms of Boliou, Davis and Nourse to audit light usage, funded jointly by the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) and the...

The Cave sponsors first-ever student-led Queer Week

Karen Wang May 25, 2019

From Monday, May 20, to Thursday, May 23, the Cave sponsored a series of student-led events—a Queer Meet and Greet, movie screening, discussion regarding sex titled “Sexclamation Point (!)” and...

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