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An Honest Cover Letter

Janis Lee April 22, 2016

300 North College Street Northfield, MN, 55057   Boss Person With Money Company with Cool Unpaid Internships Northfield, MN 55057   April 22th, 2016 Dear Mr. Money: My name is Janis Lee, and...

Japanese artist’s Weitz installation “ephemeral”

Janis Lee January 30, 2016

Renowned Japanese artist and professor at Tokyo Zokei University Ayomi Yoshida and 23 of her visiting students presented their beautiful, ephemeral installation in the Perlman Teaching Museum on January...

Fall term Mistakes I Won’t Make again

Janis Lee January 22, 2016

Ate the LDC’s churros because “this time, they actually look like churros!” Went to the Cowling Dance too early Went to the Cowling Dance at all Did four Ebony dances Described a fellow...

With externships Carls sojourn into real world

Janis Lee January 22, 2016

Externships. Whether you applied for one, two, or six (an inspiration to us all), if you’re a living, breathing Carleton student, you know that the highly sought after, and the much coveted “unpaid...

Proposed CSA projects move forward

Janis Lee October 9, 2015

Ever wonder what happened to the CSA Student Projects (outdoor basketball courts, standing desks in the library, wifi on the baldspot, etc.) that were passed last year? Government, even at the Carleton...


Janis Lee October 2, 2015

It’s finally here. The weeks that all sophomores at Carleton have been impatiently waiting for. It’s the start of our “year of transformation”, the time for us to assume our final forms. This...

Semaphore wows crowd, costume pizzaz

Janis Lee May 29, 2015

Drawing a crowd of young and old, Carleton students and townies alike, Semaphore Repertory Dance Company presented their Spring Dance Concert performance with both daring movements and finesse. Exhibiting...

Equisite anime redefines genre in a “Short Peace”

Janis Lee May 22, 2015

Anime has often been looked down upon in the United States because of the stereotypes surrounding those who watch it. “Otakus”, a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, usually in the...

Polygraph Lounge’s musical “arsenal” varies in accuracy

Janis Lee May 16, 2015

Classically unorthodox, Polygraph Lounge, a musical duo self-described as “inspired lunacy/ anarchy fired from a veritable arsenal of original instruments & vocal stylings”, performed at Carleton’s...

Secret music library fuses the eclectic

Janis Lee April 24, 2015

A resource free to access for all Carls, yet not known to many outside the Music department, is the Music Resource Center (MRC). Located in Music Hall 110, the MRC is a computer and listening lab with...

Arts and Oceania

Janis Lee April 10, 2015

While skipping the chilly Minnesota winter, Fred Hagstrom and the students that participated in the South Pacific Art Program strived towards their goal of intertwining the challenges of participating...

Freebie “Taste of Carleton” draws Prospies to Minnesota

Janis Lee March 7, 2015

Prospies. The more, the merrier. The familiar bobble-head doll gaggle of high school seniors plodding about respectfully behind a tour guide proudly demonstrating his or her refined ability to talk and...

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