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The snow paths less travelled

Dan Brodkin March 1, 2015

Minnesota winters are cold. Really, really damn cold. It makes sense, then, that people want to spend as little time outside as possible- and to economize with strategic movement when faced with the...

A Novel Education: Leisure reading in a ten week term

Dan Brodkin March 1, 2015

It’s no shock that Carls live an unmatchably busy life filled with hustle and bustle. Students are constantly moving from class to study spot and back again. With hundreds of pages of class reading...

Dining Hall Rarities: A Field Guide

Dan Brodkin February 13, 2015

The LDC’s Cutlery, as per BonApp’s general pattern, is not quite so simple as it seems. Layers of mystery surround the exact information regarding the plates, knives, forks, and spoons in this dining...

Sayles doles out deluxe desserts

Dan Brodkin February 7, 2015

Over winter break, the menu of the campus’ real favorite place to eat saw some major additions. Sayles’s bakery has, in the words of one student, “really stepped up it’s game. Really.” Behind...

Pressing or Paranoid?: Talking About Ebola

Dan Brodkin November 10, 2014

The spread of Ebola has been a topic of mounting concern in recent months. In some regions, Ebola has been curtailed or completely eradicated: Senegal saw a single case in August, and in Nigeria, 19...

Carls Go Nuts for Albino Squirrel

Dan Brodkin November 1, 2014

Carleton is a pretty cool place. No question about it. Look it up- the extremely authoritative source of Google reviews gives Carleton an average of 4.9 stars. “Outstanding,” says ‘A Google User”...

Snickerdos and Snickerdonts

Dan Brodkin October 24, 2014

So there’s been talk across campus the last few weeks. Things aren’t quite the same. Perhaps this year’s freshmen are a bit cooler. This year’s parties a bit mellower. But one issue has stood...

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