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Connecting Across the Cannon River: Town Colleges and NGOs partner with the Latine community in Northfield

Clarissa Guzman February 11, 2022

The Latine population makes up about nine percent of the Northfield population but is ever increasing. Whereas they were once underserved, today there are multiple NGOs, such as Growing Up Healthy, pushing...

Student band “Cold Rice Party” plays farewell concert in Great Hall for friends and fans

Student band “Cold Rice Party” plays farewell concert in Great Hall for friends and fans

Clarissa Guzman May 31, 2019

Close to 50 students gathered in the Great Hall, also known as Cold Rice Party’s “home court,” on May 22 to watch the band perform one last time. From performing at an OIIL Senior Banquet, the International...

Student-athletes manage stress

Clarissa Guzman May 25, 2019

How is it that student athletes manage their lives at Carleton? With the amount of schoolwork a Carleton student already has, and the clubs and activities they are a part of, let’s not forget about...

Muslim students discuss Ramadan on campus, accomodations from the College

Clarissa Guzman May 10, 2019

On the evening of Sunday, May 5, Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, began. During Ramadan, Muslims are required to fast from sunrise to sunset and pray at least five times a day. All Muslims...

Uncovering Carleton’s thriving gaming community

Clarissa Guzman March 1, 2019

You enter the Goodhue Superlounge and instantly hear the clicks of controllers, resulting from the intensity at which the student gamers move their thumbs to attack their opponent on Smash Bros and Melee....

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