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Owls in the Arb

Alex Bynum February 25, 2017

A Geologic History of the Arb

Alex Bynum November 11, 2016

Hopefully the runners and walkers of the Arboretum spend some time observing and enjoying the beauty of its flora and fauna, but my guess is probably not so many people are thinking about what has been...

Wet prairies: The missing piece of the Arb puzzle?

Alex Bynum May 13, 2016

One of the grasslands native to southern Minnesota that we don’t yet see in the Arboretum is the wet prairie. Wet prairies are grasslands characterized by seasonal inundation (flooding for part of each...


Alex Bynum February 12, 2016

Among the most common animal sightings that might pique one’s interest at this time of year are deer. It might be easy to overlook the fact that deer also must survive the long and hard Minnesota winters,...

Everybody Poops (especially deer)

Alex Bynum February 5, 2016

A well-known, but often suppressed fact of life is that everybody poops. Yes, you, and even I, must heed the call of nature, but we sometimes forget about our furry friends in the Arboretum who also...

Weird puffballs and you

Alex Bynum October 31, 2015

Even those among us who are decidedly indoor enthusiasts would be hard pressed not to have noticed the large volume of leaves on the ground at this time of year. Next time you find yourself kicking around...

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