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Arb Notes: Ephemeral Forest Wildflowers in the Arb

Arb Notes: Ephemeral Forest Wildflowers in the Arb

Alec Leonetti April 14, 2022

Despite the unexpected snow this last week, spring is still on its way! Many forest wildflowers in the Arb have adaptations to deal with these kinds of weather disruptions and are thus able to start blooming...

Arb Notes: Bird Nests in The Arb

Alec Leonetti February 11, 2022

During the spring and summer months in the Arb, birds are building their nests and raising their young. After the chicks have fledged, many birds abandon their nests and build a new one the next year....

Arb notes: overwintering in the Arb – arboreal methods of survival

Alec Leonetti February 13, 2021

During this very chilly week in February, it is hard to imagine staying outside in one spot the entire winter. Trees are unfortunately in this situation: if without the proper protections in place,...

Arb Notes: Parsnips are forever — invasive species in the Arb

Alec Leonetti November 14, 2020

With winter weather finally on its way, many herbaceous invasive plant species in the Arboretum have died back, but the woody invaders remain. In the summertime, the Arb Crew works almost tirelessly to...

Arb Notes: Cedar apple rust fungus in the Arb

Arb Notes: Cedar apple rust fungus in the Arb

Alec Leonetti May 29, 2020

With the arrival of warmer weather in southern Minnesota also comes a strange and fascinating species of fungus to the Cowling Arboretum. This is the Cedar Apple Rust, a fungus from the family Pucciniaceae,...

Birding in the winter

Alec Leonetti January 24, 2020

Many bird species found in the arboretum during the early spring to late fall have flown South for the winter, though there are species who stay in Minnesota during the cold winters. One advantage to...

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