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Sychrony II dancers during the showcase
Synchrony II lights up Cowling Gymnasium on family weekend
Esme Krohn, Features Columnist • October 27, 2023

  Synchrony II, a student dance group on campus, performed on Oct. 13 and 14 in Cowling Gymnasium. Their routines ranged from hip-hop...

A chart shows campus emissions from FY08 through FY22.
Carleton considers carbon neutrality
Ian Rothfeld, Staff Writer • October 27, 2023
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Knights progress to NCAA Championships
Mallory Atack, Beat Writer • November 17, 2023
Students raise $900 for Mutual Aid Myanmar
Ellie Simon, Beat Writer • November 17, 2023
The cover photo of the NORTH exhibit (courtesy of the Carleton College website).
Closing of the “NORTH” Exhibition in the Weitz
Ella Parke, Staff Writer • November 17, 2023

The “NORTH” exhibition in the Weitz has closed after a three-month run from Sept. 12 to Nov. 15, 2023. Created by Mary Ellen Childs, “NORTH”...

Social media anonymity: On the social impact of YikYak
Tabitha Jones, Features Columnist • November 17, 2023

When a Carl is looking for entertainment, they are able to open YikYak and find school-specific jokes. YikYak is an app that functions similarly...

An insider on Carleton’s social dance scene: Why is it so popular?
Cecilia Samadani, Features Editor • November 10, 2023

Dance is prevalent in Carleton’s culture, including numerous student organizations such as Synchrony II, Karl Pop and Jazz Contemporary Dance...

A Bad First Impression: A Review of “The Handmaiden”
Collin Preves, Columnist • November 10, 2023

Nothing makes you feel more “wrong” as a critic than discovering that you swim against the current in regards to a work generally regarded...

Formula 1: It’s not just cars
Natalie Cai, Columnist • November 10, 2023
“The Golden Bachelor” is decadent and depraved
Esme Krohn, Features Columnist • November 10, 2023
Penelope Steffen, Features Columnist • November 10, 2023
I should probably
Phoebe Ward, cartoonist • November 17, 2023

Kate Fair, cartoonist • November 17, 2023

President Byerly devoured by alligator
Ben Ellis, Bald Spot editor • November 17, 2023

Late Thursday afternoon, the historic Carleton Alligator Pit was the scene of a sudden and irreversible violent incident. President Byerly was...

LDC black tea shortage threatens structural integrity of Leighton Hall
Becky Reinhold, Editor-in-chief • November 17, 2023

For a while this term, East Dining Hall, located in the Language and Dining Center (LDC) seemed to run out of black tea. Until recently, Earl...

Vol. CXVLIII, No. 8
November 17, 2023

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