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Local woman found dead outside Parish

Leo Martin January 16, 2016

The two-day search for Tiffany Smith ended in tragedy on Sunday, January 3rd, when the missing Northfield resident was found deceased on the west side of Parish House at 3:30 p.m. The students who found...

Politics: Doing it Right

Leo Martin October 31, 2015

One of the most pressing problems facing the United States is that the political discourse of this country has broken down into a cacophony of partisan vitrial. Political identity has become all encompassing,...

Carls for Hillary

Leo Martin October 24, 2015

Last Tuesday night Olin hall was filled to capacity as Carls came to watch the inaugural Democratic debate. The viewing party was organized by the Carleton Democrats, and attracted members of the student...

The Hazards of Napping

Leo Martin October 10, 2015

I awake bathing in my own sweat, like a slow-cooked pork dish. My hand has made an imprint on my face, and my roommate has been forced to watch my drooling vacant expression while he studies. I panic...

Chapel reopens with new look

Leo Martin October 9, 2015

Students arriving on campus this term found Skinner Chapel undergoing a remarkable investment project to ensure its usability for the future. The renovations, which were the largest repair work undertaken...

Artscape turned soundscape

Leo Martin May 29, 2015

How do we create sound to a world vividly conveyed, in the silent stillness of a painting? How do we create narratives and living worlds beyond the dimensions presented by the artist? This is the question...

Crowd eats up Lenny Deep Dish

Leo Martin May 16, 2015

The sketch comedy group Lenny Dee premiered their spring term show on Thursday night in Little Nourse Theatre. The theatre was packed with students sitting, chatting and drinking, as pop music played...

St. Olaf baseball banned for season

Leo Martin April 10, 2015

After a hazing incident three weeks ago, St. Olaf’s baseball team was suspended for the season. Anonymous comments on social media alerted the St. Olaf administration to several hazing, or team-building...

Sayles M&M’s: a plastic wrapped fued

Leo Martin March 7, 2015

Sayles most perplexing item, (excluding the ‘dirty chai latte) the $3.50 bags of M&M’s have returned. Realizing the demand for a widely available candy in a unspecified quantity at an overstated...

Comfort in Conspiracy

Leo Martin February 20, 2015

Conspiracy theories are appealing, because they give the world order. So much of what happens in our world is chaotic, and things happen without any discernible reason. Why do people shoot up movie theatres...

Fetzer gets a word in

Leo Martin February 20, 2015

Controversial speaker James Fetzer made his appearance in Northfield Wednesday evening at the public library after the cancellation of the Cowtalks speaking series of which he was to take part. The large...

Fetzer to Speak at NoFo library

Leo Martin February 13, 2015

In response to the cancellation of his speaking series at the Contented Cow, conspiracy theorist and alleged holocaust denier Jim Fetzer will give a talk organized by the Muslim Jewish Christian Alliance...

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