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In with 24kGoldn: Carls react to Spring Concert headliner change

On May 15, an all-campus email went out explaining that, “due to personal reasons,” Doechii is no longer available to perform at the 42nd Annual Sproncert. The 24-year-old singer was announced by the Sproncert Planning Committee as this year’s headliner live through KRLX radio on Friday, May 5. Despite Doechii’s cancellation, her agency, the William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills, CA, offered a list of alternative artists to headline instead. 

The Sproncert Planning Committee ultimately selected rapper 24kGoldn from the list of alternatives. The San Francisco native boasts more than 14 million monthly listeners on Spotify. He rose to fame in 2019 with his Billboard Hot 100 song “Valentino.” Later, in 2020, his song “Mood,” featuring rapper Iann Dior, topped the Hot 100, with over two million videos on TikTok using the song. The hit was performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Voice and the American Music Awards in 2020. 

Little information is known about what exactly prompted the change or what alternatives were offered, even within the Sproncert Planning Committee. Will Prim ’25, a committee member, was disappointed with the switch but remains optimistic.

“All I know about it was that Doechii canceled ‘for personal reasons,’ and that, to fix the situation, 24kGoldn was offered by Doechii’s agency as a replacement,” said Prim. “Personally, Doechii was much more exciting than 24kGoldn. I mean, it’s pretty unfortunate circumstances, but I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the new headliner. It’ll be fun regardless.” 

Additionally, Prim mentioned that he never saw the list of alternatives offered. Other committee members did not respond to a request for comment. 

Other students were also saddened by the announcement, with many taking to social media. Ann Beimers ’23 was another Carl let down by the switch. 

“It’s a shame they’re replacing a Black queer woman who is trying to make a name for herself for someone who just got famous off of TikTok,” said Beimers. 

Similarly, Amira Aladetan ’24 was initially excited about Doechii. She was abroad for last year’s Sproncert, making this one her first. 

“I love Doechii; I was legit jumping off the walls when she was announced on KRLX,” said Aladetan. “Learning about 24kGoldn so last minute ruined my spirits for my first Sproncert, and I don’t really listen nor like this music that much.”

Another group of students, however, were excited about the change. Many didn’t know Doechii before the announcement but were familiar with 24kGoldn.

“I am actually pretty happy about the change. I didn’t know who Doechii was before the announcement and was really hoping for someone I knew for my last [Sproncert],” said James Berger ’23. “While 24kGoldn is still not my ideal choice, at least he has some good songs that I know and can sing along to.”

Jackson Stinebaugh ’23 echoed similar sentiments, stating he was very familiar with 24kGoldn and thus satisfied with the change.

“I hadn’t actually ever heard of Doechii before learning she was headlining this year. I thought a lot of her music was really solid when I looked into her, but I had still hoped for a familiar name with this being my second, and last, Sproncert,” said Stinebaugh. “Doechii would’ve been really awesome, but I was pretty thrilled to hear 24k[Goldn] was coming instead. I started listening to him in high school and saw him at a music festival in 2019, so I’m really excited to see him perform with newer songs.”

Carleton’s annual Spring Concert will be taking place May 20, with gates opening at 3 p.m. on the fields behind the Recreational Center. With the event being a private venue for Carleton students only, Carls must register any guests by Friday online. Additionally, dining halls will be closed on Saturday, and those on the meal plan will have a Bon Appetit-provided dinner from 5 to 7 p.m. Students over the age of 21 may bring a limited amount of beer, ciders or hard seltzers upon showing proof of age. 

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