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Dawson’s Divinations

  Sproncert, Rotblatt, Honors Convocation, graduation. Life is about to increase in intensity with celebration and pomp. This IS graduation for all of those semester-schools out there: soon, Carleton will be one of a lonely few still pushing deep into the summer. It may be time to celebrate, but it is clear that there is also a need for rest. During these chaotic times, we look to the stars.

Aries is relatively mobile as a sign, but mobility does not always mean flexibility. Sometimes uprootedness can be a kind of evasion, a refusal to stick to one side or take things seriously. This week, you must listen to those around you despite the stress and discomfort it may bring. There are hard conversations to be had, and it is time to stop running away. Take a seat. Take your vitamins.

The Taurus must be aware of their role in larger structures this week. As a dependable, loyal and hardy earth sign, the Taurus often finds themself in central positions in their social realm. The stars communicate a great level of power unto Taurus this week, but they all make clear that their mama-bear attitude can hurt as much as it seeks to help. Set clear boundaries and respect others’ privacy this week.

Gemini is searching for home this week. The need for relaxation and peace incited by last week’s turbulence compels the Gemini to return to safety. Safety should not mean idleness, though, as family, friends and loved ones are living, moving creatures that the Gemini must follow. Love does rest, but not right now. Call a parent and make space for others in your busy life.

Cancer needs to drink some good bone juice.

Leo is entering the high of their spring. The spirit of rebirth is particularly strong for them this week, and they will hopefully maintain their composure. A weakness of the Leo is their tendency to make mountains out of molehills. There are already mountains in your path, and there is no need to create even more challenges.

Virgo, like Gemini, is feeling pulled backwards right now into more comfortable spaces. Unlike the Gemini, however, the Virgo must resist this time of comfort, as there are great opportunities coming their way. Close a certain stage of life behind you and look forward. The astral plane is conducive to melancholy but also to the healing of wounds.

Like many other signs this week, the past is returning to visit the Libra. There is an air of disruption and paranoia, but your ability to discern and judge quickly and fairly should pull you through. Invest in your gifts of adaptability and candor in order to face a challenge of distraction from the past. Not all new things are surprises. Do not assume you have mastered everything that comes from the past.

Scorpio is in a season of innovation. New ideas are more prevalent than ever this spring, and your tenacity can be of great utility to yourself and those around you. Endeavors that may seem like wasted time may actually be useful. You never know when or where creativity will strike. Bring a notebook with you and write down some ideas. Find a good lookout point and watch for what you and the world need.

Sagittarius will be busy this week. Family and social life will begin to become overbearing, and, like for many other signs, the need for boundaries will come into clear focus. Many things feel unfinished, whether it be friendships or work. Go slow. Take everything one thing at a time. Intensity is only momentary, but your fortitude can be eternal.

Capricorn is experiencing the most transformative week out of all the signs. Mentally and physically, they are being made aware of where they could improve. If Capricorn is able to focus this week, they can levy this potential into creating new opportunities for themselves and others. View this week as a moment of preparation for big things to come. Sometimes, the preparation is more intense than the event itself. Do not be afraid to overprepare or be underwhelmed.

Aquarius needs to get those missing assignments in. It’s ok, though; it happens to everyone!

Pisces enters another period of renegotiation this week. Mentally and physically, they will be reevaluating their needs, whether they’d like to or not. It is up to them to decide whether they will respond to change or let it wash over them. Pisces should not be afraid to ask for help, especially since so many signs right now are struggling with boundaries. Use your words and trust your intuition. You know what your body and soul need.

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