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Masterclasses taught by students

  • Talking Without Saying Anything: How to answer discussion questions when you haven’t done the reading
  • Getting to Class, Not Getting Frostbite: Secrets of the longest indoor route across campus in order to avoid snow
  • The Wave-Shrug-No-Eye-Contact-Smile: Tips and tricks for the appropriate greeting when walking down a long hallway and passing by a classmate that you don’t really know that well but should probably acknowledge to some degree (Hint: There’s actually no way to avoid being awkward, you just gotta embrace it)
  • Eyes Wide Shut: How to sleep with eyes open during your 1a, because, let’s be real, your participation wouldn’t be that much better even if you were awake; it’s 8 in the morning 
  • Graphic Design is my PaSSiOn: How to procrastinate without feeling guilty: The art of choosing the perfect PowerPoint theme for any subject
  • At Least You’ll Have a Private Place to Cry: How to get a study room in the Libe during reading days

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