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In loving memory of second Burton tribute

Second Burton Tribute, known fondly by its loved ones as “woah look at what somebody put there,” passed away early last Wednesday morning, Jan. 18, 2023. 

Born to the second-floor landing of the central staircase in Burton, the display came from humble beginnings. But what started as a lonesome floor cookie accompanied by a “display only” sign grew to be an interactive collage of all the wayward souls that ever found themselves on second Burton.  

Let it be known that this tribute was many things: a shrine to Danny Devito; the resting place for gourds that lived past their seasonal, decorative purpose; a haven for discarded beer cans. Mainly that last one, though.

This assortment of life will be dearly missed. And while some random trash receptacle no doubt serves as its last resting place, may we remember that this tribute was truly a part of all of us. As long as its memory lives on, it can never die. 

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