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Ask a Carl: Are they single??

Greetings, Carleton! Sylvester and Maxine here. The long wait is over, we are finally back on campus and are so happy to see your lovely faces. 

Have you ever had a question and not known who to ask, or asked a friend who gave you really bad advice?  Fear not, because we’re here to help! This year, after countless bribes and hours of harassment from our lovely Carletonian editors, we have graciously accepted an offer to write a weekly column to answer all your burning questions about life at Carleton. 

In the future, if you have a question you would like us to answer, you can (anonymously!) submit it via the Google form on the Carletonian Instagram account (@carletonianmedia), website, or the QR code at the bottom of this page. But in the meantime, let’s kick it off for week 1…

We recently overheard a fellow Carl in Sayles wondering how to figure out if someone is single. This is such a great question, and I’m sure many of us have wondered this before! Here are three tried and true approaches that we recommend for maximized success. (P.S. These ideas are also great to keep in mind if you need to find a screw date for your friend!)

  1. The Instagram stalk. This might be your first inclination—and it is a great first step!—but you certainly don’t want to rely too much on this method. What if they have a lot of couple-posts, but the most recent one is from a few years ago? aybe their most recent pic is from a 2015 family vacation-not super helpful! If Instagram doesn’t provide you with the answers you need, simply move on to our next recommendation.
  2. Ask a friend. Because we go to Carleton, chances are high that you have at least one mutual friend in common with the target. (Actually let’s be real—Carleton is so small chances are, this person is one of your friends). This friend can inconspicuously inquire into the relationship status of your crush. But if they can’t find out for you (or you’d rather leave the high school drama in the past) we recommend moving on to our third and most effective method.
  3. Be bold! This method encourages you to just simply ask the person if they’re single. But don’t worry—the worst that could happen is they say no and you have to awkwardly interact with them for the next 1-4 years! Bonus points for this one if you ask them via a Friday flower in their mailbox. Bonus, bonus points if you ask them via Moodle DM.

Good luck out there everyone 😉

We hope this is helpful, and we can’t wait to answer more of your questions! Remember to submit questions via the Carletonian website/Instagram!

Until next week <3

Maxine Monroe and Sylvester Sinclair

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