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The goats are out…

illustrated by Sam Nelson

I regret to inform the Carleton community of some bad news. The goats have escaped. Many times. On September 20, 2021, I received a call on the emergency goat line: “a herd of goats in a bean field”. Presumably just looking for an afternoon snack, these goats were nonetheless trespassing. Additional calls have come in as homeowners are finding “baby goats in my backyard”. A different herd of goats were also reported to be “on the highway” causing traffic jams and general mischief. The reason behind these recent episodes of escape is yet to be determined. Likely hypotheses include: faulty wiring, human fencing error or intellectual evolution.  Regardless, minds can be put to ease as the goats have been all safely returned to their pens, where they will likely stay for another two days until they decide to escape again.

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