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Class of 2021 declares majors

During the window from Wednesday, March 29  to Sunday, April 7, 491 members of the Class of 2021 declared their majors. An additional 23 off-cycle members of the Class of 2021 declared their major earlier this year, during their sixth term.

Among these 514 sophomores, Biology took the prize for the most popular major, with 65 students declaring. Biology was followed by Computer Science, Political Science / International Relations, Economics and Mathematics for the top five most popular majors. Members of the Class of 2021 represent a total of 31 majors in all, out of Carleton’s total of 34 offerings.

Although students wishing to double major are limited to declaring only one major during the declaration period, they may subsequently submit a petition to declare a second major. Current sophomores are now eligible to begin declaring minors as well, although minors can be declared as late as fall of senior year.

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