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Fall term Mistakes I Won’t Make again

  • Ate the LDC’s churros because “this time, they actually look like churros!”
  • Went to the Cowling Dance too early
  • Went to the Cowling Dance at all
  • Did four Ebony dances
  • Described a fellow Carl as “quirky”
  • Once again signed up for far too many club mailing lists
  • Picked up a Friday Flower the Tuesday after
  • Mistook a gluten-free cupcake for a real cupcake
  •  Expressed a conservative opinion

    • Started a casual Game of Thrones discussion that suddenly evolved into an hour and a half debate over the rightful claim to the Iron Throne

    • Tried the mango-goat-cheese-oil-other-strange-leftovers flatbread

    • Ate at the LDC, basically. (Can you tell how I feel about the LDC?)

    • Waving back to someone who was really waving to someone behind me

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