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You’re Still Miserable and Tired, but Now ON A COUCH!

1. 3rd Libe

This study space tucked under the stairs is great for studying with friends. The variety of chairs and light sources have something for everyone and provide a surprisingly quiet space.

2. Sayles

For those who enjoy studying with some background noise,the tables upstairs at Sayles are the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and work off the caffeine high.

3. Bookshelves

On the third floor of the libe, the back contains a bank of windows so studiers can grab an individual work station and bask in the abundance of natural light.

4. Weitz

On the upper level of Weitz, the serious studier can plan to be undisturbed in this virtually unknown spot.

5. 3rd Libe (again)

This third floor lounge area contains the most comfortable couches in the entire library in my humble opinion and the more social studier can always find someone they know here.

6. Athenaeum

When this room is not hosting guest speakers or presenters, it is normally empty except for silent studiers curling up in the plush armchairs tucked away from the bustle of the library.

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